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Hole Information

Hole 1 Par 3

The first hole is slightly downhill hitting through a small gap between two trees in front of the tee. You have water hazards short and to the left of the green. So before you tee your ball up make sure you find the best place on the tee.
Pros tip, select one more club than normal and use a three quarter punch shot to the green for accuracy rather than distance.
Hole 2 Par 2

This hole is from a raised tee to an uphill green, with water short and a large bunker to the right of the green.
Pros tip, aim your shot slightly to the left and use the large grassed bank to bring the ball back on to the green, because missing the green to the right will leave you with a very tricky chip shot.
Hole 3 Par 3

Hole three has a water hazard directly in front of the tee. Any shot under hit here will roll all the way back down the slope from the green.
Pros tip, take one club more to make sure you are long rather than short.
Hole 4 Par 3

The 4th hole is one of the shorter holes with a large tree in front of the tee playing to a two tiered green.
Pros tip again choose the correct club and tee your ball in the best position on the tee to find the safest route to the pin, as the trees and the bunker will collect any balls falling short.
Hole 5 Par 3

Three tee positions on this hole make it into a really good distance control shot hole.
Pros tip this hole plays as you see it. A good stopping shot is needed here to a small green with bunkers to the left and right.
Hole 6 Par 3

The second shortest hole on the course with the tee slightly elevated and a hidden bunker to the right of the green.
Pros tip try not to miss this green to the left as the ball will finish down a steep slope or into a pot bunker that is difficult to get out of. The ideal shot is to land your ball on the bank behind and let your ball spin back down the slope on to the green.
Hole 7 Par 3

Shortest hole on the course but by no means the easiest, a very steep faced bunker awaits any short shot to the left and out of bounds extends all along the right and beyond the green.
Pros tip chose a pitching wedge or a nine iron to hit a nice punch shot into this green, and dont be short
Hole 8 Par 3

There are two different height teeing areas for this hole which is all downhill with water to the left.
Pros tip a good high shot here will help you to attack the pin and stop very quickly when landing on the green. Alternatively choose a low running shot down to the green and aim slightly to the right
Hole 9 Par 3

El Sotos signature hole with water from tee to green, so anything short will be make a big splash. This hole also has two teeing areas extending the length to 90 meters off the back tee.
Pros tip select the right club here as anything short is wet. A full committed shot is important on this hole - any shot that is slightly long is good here as it may roll back on to the green. Any doubts then bail out to the right! GOOD LUCK.
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